Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Our  rose quartz roller  supports lymphatic drainage and helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, and wrinkles.

Rose quartz face rollers help improve blood circulation and overall skin tone, remove wrinkles and puffiness, reduce dark undereye circles, eliminate toxins and promote lymphatic drainage.

The Rose Quartz Facial Roller employs smooth crystals to relax facial muscles and firm the skin. It is the perfect companion to use with Niema beauty Rosewater hydrating mist  as it allows deeper absorption for a visibly firmer and glowing complexion.


InstructionsApply your moisturizer or facial oil of choice to a dry face, neck and décolletage. Using the wide end of the roller, roll from the jawline in an outward direction. Using the narrow end around the eye and brow areas. For fine lines and wrinkles, use in an upward motion.