At Niema Beauty we believe in providing our customers with products that are
safe, natural, and extremely effective. Every one of our ingredients is
concentrated for the highest possible efficacy. Our company's mantra is to
always emphasize organic sourcing of the highest quality. After all, what's better
than Mother Nature's finest?

Miriam AlDainy, founder of Niema Beauty, is Saudi- American and grew up in two
different worlds; East and West. Miriam spent her childhood watching her Saudi
grandmother and aunties concocting traditional beauty treatments from local
ingredients such as roses, sugar, henna, and plant-based oils and fragrances.
She created Niema Beauty to carry on that tradition and share these age-old
secrets with a new generation.

Miriam believes in pure, organic products that combat the aging effects of heat,
salt, humidity, and pollution while insisting on the highest quality plant based

In Niema Beauty, she has created a line of clean, natural beauty products based
on those used in the Middle East for centuries. The philosophy at Niema Beauty
is "Less is More"; strictly organic, natural, and clean